Using Affirmations To Supercharge Your Mindset

Using Affirmations To Supercharge Your Mindset

We all have conversations with ourselves on a daily basis within our own minds. These conversations can be called self-talk and determine to a great extent, what we decide to do each day.

One researcher cited that the speed of our internal self-talk could be measured at an average rate of around 4,000 words per minute, which is 10 times faster than our verbal speech. We don’t even have to complete our sentences because we know ourselves and already know what we mean.

The downside of this is that if we talk down to ourselves critically, it affects our mindset negatively. The upside, naturally, is that if we use positive self-talk or affirmations, we can influence our subconscious to grow and succeed.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are phrases that you use daily to develop and foster a positive mindset. Saying them in your mind or out loud will elevate your mood and motivate you to do better. It’s one way to reprogram your mind into manifesting what you want to achieve.

These affirmations become a form of a suggestion or command that your subconscious mind will follow. Our subconscious mind will believe these autosuggestions are facts and will work at turning them into reality.

An example of this would be to use phrases confirming that you believe in yourself and your capabilities. Doing this daily will allow you to pursue your dreams with self-assurance and conviction.

You can use different phrases to reprogram your subconscious mind to attract money, have better health, find love, feel confident, become successful at work, or even experience happiness.

There are specific techniques that will increase the effectiveness of using affirmations. First, you must choose words that are all positive and in the present tense. Then repeating them consistently will reprogram your mind and improve your results.

Visualizing the successful outcome of the goals attached to your affirmations will also increase their effectiveness. This will also help erase negative thinking and replace it with a success-oriented mindset, thereby strengthening your character.

Suppose you had problems believing in your abilities. In that case, your affirmations regarding self-belief and self-confidence will help you go after your goals.

What Do You Say?

Affirmations should be spoken in the present tense. Furthermore, these phrases should be short and to the point. In fact, short statements are often very empowering.

Here are some examples of statements that you can use:

  • “I’m excited that I finished my project.”
  • “I am good and getting better every day.”
  • “I am strong and capable.”
  • “I attract money and business success.”
  • “I enjoy being wealthy.”

You can tailor your affirmations to your personal needs. They can be written to address different areas of your life where you seek improvement. That could be in your business, health, or personal relationships.

How Often Should You Use Affirmations?

As Shad Helmstetter wrote in his book “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself,” “Self-Talk is a science. The more your brain receives the right, repeated messages, the more you wire your brain to succeed. So listening to self-talk rewires your brain.”

He suggests setting aside at least 15 minutes a day to do your self-talk. Then, finding a quiet place to repeat the affirmations is important. He also recommends recording your affirmations so that you can listen to them while driving the car.

Other affirmation mentors suggest repeating your affirmations three times per day. Once in the morning, after you wake up and your mind is gearing up for the day. Once during your lunch break, to help fend off negative thoughts from the workplace. Once in the evening, before going to bed, to allow your subconscious to work on them while you sleep.

You might have some doubts and say, “This won’t work for me.” I can only stress that you give it a chance and see if it makes a difference before discarding the concept. Change is not something that happens instantaneously; it will take some time. So be patient, but be persistent with it.

It’s worth repeating here that the repetition of these affirmations is the key to their success. Whereby repeating them over and over again alone won’t serve their purpose if you don’t feel them. Your self-talk needs to resonate with you and your emotions. The importance they have for you will amplify their effectiveness.

Where And When Do You Say Them?

The best part about affirmations is that they are yours, which makes them portable, and they can be with you everywhere. You are not limited by locations or time frames. They are like the apps on your mobile phone, accessible whenever you need them.

You’ll grow to love being able to say your affirmations in or out of your bed while standing in front of your mirror, in the car before a job interview, before giving a presentation, or even when stuck in a traffic jam. That way, you can make the lost time a productive growth tool.

Another fun way to utilize them would be in musical form. If you’re fond of singing in the shower or doing karaoke in your home, you can create your own songs using your affirmation texts. Making them fun will also emotionalize them.

Ignore The Negative Chatter

As you embark on your new self-talk and affirmation journey, you will undoubtedly encounter moments or days when all you hear is negativity. That could come from your own mental dialogs or criticism, complaining, or condemnation from other people.

It is essential to become deaf to those types of exchanges because, without realizing it, our mind can become imprinted with the beliefs and mindsets of others, even if it’s unintentional. So guard yourself against becoming susceptible to those negative influences.

As Shad Helmstetter also wrote: “As long as you and I allow others to program us in a way that fits their choosing, we are, without a doubt, out of control, captive to the whims of some unknown destiny, not quite recognizing that what hangs in the balance is the fulfillment of our own futures.”

In our efforts to develop a supercharged mindset, we must remember that negative thinking and negative self-talk will keep us from achieving our goals. Instead, we must maintain the vision of success and utilize the new tools we have learned to improve our lives.


You now have a simple tool to help change your destiny and reprogram your subconscious mind for success. You can set a whole new course for your life through positive affirmations and self-talk. This will help you grow and gain new self-confidence and self-esteem that will reflect in all you do.

Are you ready for this new journey? Of course, you are. Just tell yourself, “I am ready to rock n roll!” Now just put on your running shoes and get going.


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