Is Your Mindset Ready For The Upcoming Year?

Is Your Mindset Ready For The Upcoming Year?

Without the right mindset, you probably won’t implement the right actions to achieve your goals. Unfortunately, too many people head into the new year with a fearful mindset that automatically sabotages all their resolutions.

Why do people fear success? Actually, most don’t believe they fear success, but in reality, the opposite is true. Most of us don’t change because we have settled into our own personal comfort zone. We might not like where we’re at, but it is oh-so-familiar. We know what is coming and might not be pleased about it, but we have handled these things before.

To put it simply, we will avoid change at any cost. This avoidance is because we fear that if we change, we might fail and we would expose ourselves to ridicule and critique. The fear of humiliation can paralyze us and cause us to self-sabotage.

Do You Have A Fear Mindset?

We all know that people with a negative mindset also have self-limiting beliefs. They see the glass as being half-empty rather than half-full. They always tend to say, “There’s no use in trying; I’ll fail anyway.”

Some other signs that you have a fear mindset could be as follows:

  • You consistently make plans for your life but never seem to complete them. It doesn’t matter how little the task, whether reading a book, jogging daily, losing 10 lbs, or finding time to spend with the family, you seem to always fall short of that goal.
  • You broadcast great achievements, but you never start them.
  • You don’t like making decisions, whether easy or difficult.
  • Your life seems to stand still and never move forward or…
  • Every project is three steps forward and two steps back.
  • Before you successfully achieve a goal, you self-sabotage it.

Do any of these describe you or your habits accurately?

Why Is A Success Mindset Important?

People with a positive mindset, on the other hand, are more likely to have a plan that propels them to take action. They have the right attitude, recognize the problems for what they are, and then figure out how to solve them. Finally, they look for ways to go around or through the problem by finding solutions and opportunities that will work.

You have the abilities and potential to succeed. Instead of making a long list of resolutions you probably will forget by the 14th of January, commit to taking small action steps each day until they become a habit.

Here are some suggestions to help you do that:

Instead of planning on reading one book per month, commit to reading one page per night. That will give you at least thirty pages a month, but more than likely will lead you to read multiple pages or even chapters each day.

  • You don’t have to jog a mile every day. Try just walking two hundred and fifty steps and back, then increase the amount weekly.
  • Don’t announce your plans; just start them one step at a time.
  • List decisions you need to make in order of importance and take care of the easy ones first. This list will give you a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Journal every success, no matter how small, so you can keep track of your progress, acknowledging each win as something positive.
  •  Use positive daily affirmations to assist in building your mental strength. This type of self-talk will do wonders for programming your subconscious mind.
  • Focus on creating a success-driven mindset.

Focus Is The Key To Achieving Your Goals

You have to zero in on what you want in life to be able to create a game plan and set take-action goals. Having deadlines will help you accomplish something and bring you closer to your goal.

Jim Carrey once suggested that instead of making a generalized statement like, “I want to be successful.” Write out a check to yourself with the amount of money you expect or want to earn by a specific date.

Another essential step to gaining a laser-like focus is mentally preparing your workspace. Ideally, you want to eliminate as many distractions as possible. That means keeping your desk clean and organized to find things for the necessary tasks ahead of you.

Make sure to cut back on activities that drain your time and energy. You want to ensure you develop a balanced personal time and work time. Time for your family is very important, as is the time you invest in your work. Keep them separated as best possible.

Remember to consistently revisit your reason why the goal you ultimately want to achieve so that you can weather through difficult situations. Be sure to create positive affirmations to repeat daily.

Don’t Be A SNIOP

That means don’t be Susceptible to the Negative Influence of Other People. There will constantly be people around you who won’t support your vision or the goals you set for yourself. Please don’t listen to their negativity, but continue to focus on the rewards of achieving your goal. They probably aren’t going to help you when you’re in a pickle.

Stay focused. The naysayers won’t understand the risks you are willing to take when starting your own business. They won’t share in the victories and defeats. It can be a challenging journey, but it won’t come without its rewards once you get the ball rolling.

Listening to other people’s negative attitudes will only leave your head filled with worries and increased feelings of self-doubt. The cesspool of negativity is definitely not a destination you want to visit as you journey into the new year.

Have A Successful Upcoming Year!

Remember that your mindset and attitude are the most important factors when striving to achieve your goals in the coming year. Set goals that challenge you but are still reachable.

Analyze your progress and reassess your strengths and areas you will need to grow.

Continuously set interim milestones that keep you on track. Remember to readjust your plans whenever necessary to stay on course to achieve your ultimate goal.

Work on always maintaining a positive mindset. You develop creative ideas when you feel relaxed, have a clear head, and are not under pressure. This piece of mind will help keep you motivated to continue taking successful action steps to help you achieve your resolutions.

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